The Color Run

The Color Run

Melbourne 16th November 2014 and Sydney 8th February 2015

The Color Run is also known as the Happiest 5k run in the world, it’s designed for friends and family to get active in a fun and friendly environment.

Here are a few tips to ensure a fun and energetic Color Run for you:


When you jog or run, your muscles work harder to keep your knee stable and prevent your ankle from rolling inwards. Therefore make sure your running shoes are firm and supportive at both the heel counter (the back of the shoe) and the sides, creating further ankle support.  If you’re planning on wearing an old pair of runners, make sure they still have adequate support for running in.

If you are going to buy new runners, take your time!  Walk around the store checking the width and the length of the shoe, how does it feel to you?  At Foot Solutions we measure the dimensions of the foot, and give free advice on the correct runner for you.

If you wear orthotics, take your orthotics with you.   Orthotics that are of good quality and appropriate for running, should be able to fit after removing the shoe insert and replacing with your orthotics inside the shoe; without needing to change shoe size!  It’s a myth that you require going up a shoe size to fit an orthotic into the shoe.

Foot preparation tips

If you are prone to, or suspect you may get blisters on your foot, prevention is the best method. Sports tape or zinc oxide tape can be very beneficial to use before the run.  Make sure you apply it to clean dry skin.  If you use body creams avoid using them around the area you intend to place plaster tape.

And of course stay well hydrated throughout, bring the sunscreen and enjoy the run!

Need advice/help post-run?

If you do endure from any new aches or trauma to your feet and lower limbs, before or after the run, the podiatrists here at Foot Solutions can help.  Make an appointment with your nearest Foot Solutions, found both in Melbourne and Sydney

For more info, visit http://www.colorrun.com.au/

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