Its summer time; the boots are off and the thongs are out!

Its summer time; the boots are off and the thongs are out!

Living in Australia our feet tend to be on show a lot, due to our love of thongs and sandals. But did you know wearing backless footwear commonly causes dry cracked heels? Not only does it look unsightly and doesn’t feel nice, it also increases your changes of athletes foot (Tinea Pedis), plantar warts and other infections. The reason for this being, infections and bacteria enter through the dry areas of skin on your foot.

To manage this here are some foot tips;

If you have cracked heels then 2-3 times a week gently use a foot scrub or pumice stone. This will exfoliate the dry, dead skin away and allow foot creams to penetrate the skin better.

Apply foot cream daily, ideally after a bath or shower. Your skin will absorb the cream more readily. There are many foot creams available which are designed to keep your feet supple and soft. Here at Foot Solutions we use foot creams with synthetic urea to treat hard skin. Urea is our body’s natural moisturiser and it breaks down hard/dry skin and moisturises.   Based on the individual client we can recommend the appropriate strength of the urea content in our foot creams, to suit your needs. We can also remove any existing hard skin build up.   Allowing you to maintain your lovely soft skin new found skin at home.

And of course, limit your use of open back shoes (sandals, flip flops)! Therefore if you are going to do a lot of walking on any particular day, wear a closed shoe instead. If you are just popping out to the shops, lunch or going to the beach, then of course wear your beloved sandals.

If you would like to make an appointment at Foot Solutions which one of our Podiatrists to safely and effectively reduce callouses and heel fissures (cracks) contact Foot Solutions.

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