Enjoy your charity run blister free!

Enjoy your charity run blister free!

Blisters are probably one of the most common and frustrating injuries a runner can sustain. This Post aims to give you the tools to eliminate blisters from your life.

First of all I would like to thank Rebecca Rushton, who is a leading expert on managing friction, for allowing me to use some of the content from her fantastic  Advanced Blister Prevention Guide.  For a more in depth report click on the link.

How do we get a Blister?

Contrary to popular belief a blister is actually caused by the bone rubbing against the skin and other soft tissues from the inside. This stress and distortion of these soft tissues causes the skin to break open allowing fluid to enter which forms into a blister.

An Abrasion is what we see when there is rubbing between the top of the skin and an external surface which is usually from the inside of a shoe.

To summarise a blister is formed from inside the skin surface and an abrasion is from the outside surface of the skin. They are both nasty and painful and we need to tackle both of them in order to be pain free.

Our Solution!

Almost every runner has tried and tested various methods to eliminate their blisters, whether it is the double sock technique or a special spray /powder to reduce excessive moisture.

At Foot Solutions we have 3 simple but very effective tools to eliminate your Blisters

  1. Perfect Foot Wear Fitting

  1. Assess and Treat any potential biomechanical factors


Comfort is king! If you feel comfortable in your shoes you will feel confident in your running ability. Everyone who comes to Foot solutions is always professionally fitted for their shoes. Not only do we make sure the length and width is perfect for your foot, we also look at potential areas of high pressure and try to allow some adjustability.

In every Foot Solutions clinic we have highly trained and experienced podiatrists who specialise in running related injuries. Even if it’s one tiny blister that is the problem, we will always go through an extensive biomechanical exam including an iPad video and treadmill gait analysis to get to the root of issue.

If we can reduce friction we can stop blisters! It sounds simple and now with a revolutionary product called ENGO blister patches we can provide this solution. ENGO is a special material called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which is a very low friction film and is waterproof. ENGO blister patches reduce friction by allowing the foot to glide over the surface that it would normally stick to and cause a blister. Each patch which is stuck on the shoe or orthotic lasts around 500km. Since introducing this product to our clinic not one of our customers has reported getting a blister!

We provide these patches in all our clinics and samples will be available on the day of the charity run.

Please visit www.blisterprevention.com.au for more information about blisters and ENGO patches.

Fraser Ballantyne

BSc Pod (Hons)

Senior Podiatrist